2015-2016 Catalog 
    Dec 02, 2023  
2015-2016 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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SURG 1010 - Surgical Procedures

6 Credits
6 Class Hours

An overview of the relevant anatomy, pathophysiology, preparations, instrumentation, purpose, and expected outcome for surgical procedures covered in the course. Topics include procedures in General, Gynecologic, ENT, Orthopaedic, Urologic surgery, as well as procedures in other common specialties. A grade of “C” or above must be earned in courses to meet requirements for enrollment in subsequent courses. A grade of “C” or above in all Surgical Technology curriculum courses must be earned prior to graduation. Prerequisite(s): Program application, interview and instructor permission, completed health and program documentation including background check and drug screening. Also BIOL 1000 , BIOL 1004 , SURG 1001 , SURG 1002 , SURG 1003 , SURG 1004 , SURG 1005 , and SURG 1006 . Co-requisite(s): SURG 1011 , SURG 1012 .

Semester Availability: Fall, Spring

Not part of a Tennessee Transfer Pathway


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