2015-2016 Catalog 
    Jul 20, 2024  
2015-2016 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Web Page Authoring Technical Certificate

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Technical Certificate
Contact Information:
Program Office 615-353-3390, E-mail: vis.com@nscc.edu, Program Site

The Web Page Authoring Technical Certificate program provides students with entry-level skills for a variety of jobs that require Web page creation. An emphasis is placed on design issues and the front-end of Web site design. The program prepares students to work in studio and corporate settings.

Many (but not all) of the courses are available via the Web, requiring students to attend campus only to take proctored exams. Online courses offer an asynchronous learning environment; students participate in class activities such as bulletin board discussions at different times of day and different days of the week. Weekly participation is required; the courses are not “self-paced.”

Graduates of the program should be able to:

  • Write HTML markup and CSS rules to create a Web page with graphics and styled text;
  • Create and incorporate graphics that have been optimized for speedy transmission;
  • Design Web pages for ease of use and navigation;
  • Upload Web site pages to a server; and
  • Understand legal issues as they apply to the Web.

Admission Requirements

Web Page Authoring is an online program so students must have a computer and Internet access. Students are expected to have a basic familiarity with computers and the Web. Visit www.nscc.edu/academics/online-learning/ for additional information about hardware and software standards and to determine whether or not online learning is right for you.

Career Opportunities

  • Web site creation firms
  • Advertising and public relations firms
  • Maintenance of a company or organization Web site


Students who are interested in this field may wish to consider a Visual Communications Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree from NSCC with a concentration in Web Design. Students may also apply all of the courses in this certificate toward NSCC’s A.A.S. degree in General Technology. A student that plans to apply the certificate toward an A.A.S. degree should consult his/her advisor about articulation options.

Notice of Right to Retain Student Work

The Visual Communications program reserves the right to retain certain selected examples of student work for teaching purposes, promotional purposes, and as a part of its permanent collection.

Course Requirements

Students desiring to continue their education are encouraged to take MATH 1530 - Probability/Statistics*  and a Humanities/Fine Arts Elective in addition to the required courses listed below.

Total Certificate Requirements: 27 Credits


Additional course requirements: The Tennessee Board of Regents requires that students either demonstrate the appropriate skill levels in math, reading, and/or writing before enrolling in college-level courses or enroll in appropriate co-requisite experiences with college-level courses to develop competency in those skills while performing college-level work. ACT/SAT scores, COMPASS test scores, or other relevant information determine whether a student needs to enroll in co-requisite courses in math, reading, and/or writing (English).


* This course is part of the general education core.


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