2015-2016 Catalog 
    Jan 30, 2023  
2015-2016 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Music A.F.A. Degree

Tennessee Transfer Pathways TBR Community Colleges to UT and TBR Four Year Universities
Community College Area of Emphasis: Music A.F.A. Degree


General Education Requirements

Communication - 9 Credits

Humanities and/or Fine Arts - 3 Credits **

Social/Behavioral Sciences - 6 Credits

History - 6 Credits

Natural Sciences - 8 Credits

Mathematics - 3 Credits

General Education Total - 35 Credits

Area of Emphasis Requirements

Area of Emphasis Total - 26 Credits

Total - 61 Credits


Students must successfully complete placement requirements in music theory, ear training, and piano at the university where transfer is planned. Students must also successfully complete required university auditions as appropriate.

Additional course requirements: The Tennessee Board of Regents requires that students either demonstrate the appropriate skill levels in math, reading, and/or writing before enrolling in college-level courses or enroll in appropriate co-requisite experiences with college-level courses to develop competency in those skills while performing college-level work. ACT/SAT scores, COMPASS test scores, or other relevant information determine whether a student needs to enroll in co-requisite courses in math, reading, and/or writing (English).


* This course is part of the general education core.

** Students will complete the remaining six hours of the humanities requirement, including one course in literature, at universities upon transfer.

*** These lessons are listed in the course catalog as “Applied” + the instrument for which a student is taking the lesson. These lessons are numbered from MUS 1041 through MUS 1061. To fulfill the requirements for the A.F.A. in Music, students must complete eight (8) hours of applied lessons and four (4) hours of ensembles appropriate to the applied area. In order to do so, students will complete the same applied course four (4) times and enroll in the appropriate ensemble course four (4) times.