2020-2021 Catalog 
    Jan 30, 2023  
2020-2021 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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OTAP 2320 - Practical Applications of OT

3 Credits
2 Lecture Hours, 3 Lab Hours

A study of physical and mental health limitations and obstacles to occupational engagement for individuals and populations. Topics include common diagnoses and treatment environments, treatment for areas of occupation (ADL, IADL, rest and sleep, education, work, play, leisure, and social participation), considering performance skills, performance patterns, client factors and context are reviewed. Students are required to develop applications for enabling function, mental health, and physical well-being. Prerequisite(s): OTAP 1240 , OTAP 1340 , OTAP 1350 , OTAP 1360 , OTAP 1370 , OTAP 1380 , or by permission of instructor.

Semester Availability: Fall

Not part of a Tennessee Transfer Pathway


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